I’m a cr@p cyclist

I had one of those light bulb moments last week.  One of those moments where someone says something that really gets you thinking.

I‘d been out cycling with a friend and we got chatting about my cycling, and the triathlon camp I attended in Lanzorote.  She  then said to me, “you came back changed, you weren’t any fitter but you were prepared to work much harder”.

I went to Lanzorote in March this year having been talked into it by Henny, a good pirate friend. I was really worried about the ability of others and whether I could keep up. My worst fears were confirmed, I was by far the worst cyclist there. I had to work hard, really hard just to stay at the back. I knew my cycling had improved when I returned but I wasn’t really sure why.

That comment played on my mind over last week.  I began to realise how much negative crap I was feeding my brain – I am a cr@p cyclist, I’m really slow, I can’t do hills. I also realised that I had settled into my comfort zone around this and given up trying. Whenever someone shot up a hill, I would sit back, go slow ….and think I’m a cr@p cyclist, I can’t do hills. I wasn’t getting any better, in fact I think for a long time my cycling actually got worse.

So when I got back from Lanzorote the difference was I had learnt to work harder. All good,  but my mind hadn’t changed.  I still do nothing but talk negative when it comes to cycling…..not anymore!

So what was the light bulb moment? Its was simple really, its was the realization that I will never be the cyclist that I want to be……but I can get better.  “strive for progress not perfection”.

I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me three years to realise this, especially as this last two weeks I have watched many paralympians achieve amazing things.  It was like I was having a massive sulk….I ‘m no good so I’m not going to try.

So I’m not a cr@p cyclist. I’m not as fast as I would like, but who cares…I can still improve.


4 thoughts on “I’m a cr@p cyclist

    • good post ,sometime the things that hold us back is us and more often than not in one’s head .you worked so hard there i can tell you you are not a crap cyclist keep up the good work big huggs x

  1. Hi Lisa
    You are not a crap cyclist! First thing is to get that into your head.
    I thought I was and would never go near a hill, I knew this was a problem so entered IM Wales and went and kicked it this weekend, the best way to get better at hills is to go out and cycle them and then cycle them so more and some more after that.
    You ahve always kept up with me when we have done sportives together, but my cycling has come on so much since I stopped cycling in my comfort zone.
    Come ou of your comfort zone, find a hill you think you can’t get up and keep trying it until you do, it will happen believe me


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